Be Their Guest, Be Their Guest!

I’m more than a bit of a design enthusiast.

From large sections to small LUV seats and more, you’ll want to check out Summer Classics Home on Fairbanks, where there will be a Grand Opening event 4 – 7, Wednesday, May 1.

My partner sometimes brags to others about my design skills.  Ahhhhhhh. We’ve been together long enough any positive words are good to hear!  When it comes to putting things together, yeah, I have a knack for it.  There have been times in my life when I even considered becoming a professional interior designer. Back in 2008 my life partner and I were on HGTV on a show called ‘Rate My Space.’  Along with two other homes, ours served as inspiration for a master bedroom makeover for a home in Los Angeles.  DANG it takes a lot of filming to come up with about 8 minutes of air time!

I’ve had no special training, but great design, the idea of designing something anew, is exciting to me.  More. Very.

So when I recently visited the new Summer Classics showroom on Fairbanks, my pulse rate took off like the contenders in this weekend’s Kentucky Derby. My eyes delighted, I just meandered around visually entranced, inspired.

Mostly outdoor, YES, there is indoor furniture, as well.

Great design is all around us, of course.  In Winter Park, maybe even more so.  But there is good design and then there is great design.  Years ago I came to realize one tremendous difference when considering design is this:  We all have different tastes, styles we like and do not like.  For instance, toile isn’t exactly my thing. But when done well? Yeah, I can seriously be won over. When something is truly exceptional, even if it is of a design style we do not typically care for, we can still find ourselves LUVing it simply because it is so well done.

There is very little in the new Summer Classics Showroom which is outside my own spectrum of design preferences.  But even in those few cases, yes, I find myself admiring the design, the elements within, LUVing it because it is all so well done. From space to space, style to style, yes, gorgeous at every turn.

The space is large and open, with furniture groups set up all around, from couches and LUV seats to tables and lounge chairs.  Some of the pieces are quite large, perfect for filling a large lanai or terrace.  Others are smaller in scale, perfect for a sun porch or Florida room. 

While the focus is on the furniture, for me the lighting is also a major star of the showroom.

The adjoining rooms contain pieces designed for indoors, as well as a room containing a multitude of hanging light fixtures. Designed for separate areas of your home, but all fluid, the same taste and refinement, comfortable, sophisticated elegance. And I don’t toss those words around lightly.

There are accessories from my visit which stick out in my mind: The blown glass food covers with wrought iron handles, perfect for interestingly protecting dishes or plates during outdoor dinners.  There are an abundance of gorgeous pillows around, a blue & white set with a cockatoo image which now keeps echoing in my own mind. A large flamingo print on the wall.

And, again, there are the light fixtures. In the last few years a new earthy element has become popular in so many light fixtures, from wooden beads to weathered treatments on iron and wood. If you like such, you will REALLY LUV their lighting area. Definitely contemporary, with a hint of the rustic here and there. A few a bit more truly modern. From indoor dining or foyer, to lanai, kitchen, there are an abundance of lighting options here which will have you falling so in LUV with them. As was my case, you may forget what you need and transition to WHERE can I put it, even if lighting was not already on the agenda.

The big GRAND OPENING event for the showroom is Wednesday, May 1, 4 – 7. And on Instagram til end of that event, you can potentially win a $100 gift card simply by following @ILUVWinterPark & @SummerClassicsHome, tagging a friend who needs to know about the event.

Hope to see you there. I’m quite certain you will be delighted by what you see!

Welcome to Winter Park, Summer Classics Home!

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