Goat Get It

If you have big online plans for 2020, I enthusiastically recommend my friends at Candid Goat. They are easy, pleasant and fun to work with, reliable, knowledgeable and creative when it comes to getting the job done. From web development to SEO, they can help. A new year is here . . . . let’s do … Read more

Bite 30 Me!

Summer isn’t yet officially here and yet, things around here have gotten quite gray and wet! Such days make me that more inclined to find something to look forward to, even as the number of Local events in which to do so dwindle to a summery low. All that much more reason to take part … Read more

A LUVly Place For Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. I have at times had an issue with saying or writing this. Memorial Day is a day when we pay tribute to those Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Wishing anyone a “Happy Memorial Day” seemed weird, inappropriate. I think I may now be okay with it. This … Read more

Poster Boy For The American Dream

The older I get the more I find there are few feelings which can match truly believing in someone else. Something that makes that even better?  When that person is many years your younger.  It can be quite uplifting, have the automatic capacity to excite you for the future, wondering what wonderful things generations younger … Read more