Let’s Do Lunch . . . & Art!

Opportunity is knocking in a very Artful way for 5 – okay, now four – Local restaurants / caterers!

With the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival this week, it is the first of the three largest Art-related events of the year in Winter Park:  The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, The Winter Park Paint Out and The Autumn Art Festival.  Arrival of the WPSAF always gets me in the mood for oils, acrylics and mixed media!

This year yours truly is taking an increased role in one of those, The Winter Park Paint Out.  Taking place each year in the last full week of April, it is unlike any other Art event of the year and one I anxiously look forward to.

As I get excited about the arrival of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival this time each year, I am super thankful the Winter Park Paint Out is then not far off.  The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is, obviously, the crown jewel of Winter Park Art events.  Okay, EVENTS, in general.  It’s ONLY downside in my opinion – as I am not one to bemoan the crowds, actually enjoy the – is that it always seems to go by so fast! 

The Winter Park Paint Out is, I believe, its perfect and ideal complement.  Winter Park Paint Out is different for several big reasons:  1)  It takes place over the course of an entire week, 2) ALL the Art created is inspired by our Local environment, 3) You can easily get to know individual participating Artists, follow them over the course of a week and even learn to recognize their works by their own individual style, way of painting.

Winter Park Paint Out painter Michelle Held poses with Local Kelly McFall, who purchased her original plein air painting from the WPPO 'Paint In' event at the Winter Park Racquet Club.

As official Social Media Partner for this year’s event, I’m also assisting in helping to bring some Local businesses into the goings-on.

As it happens, the Local caterer who has been supplying lunches for the twenty five participating Artists during the week day lunches has now retired.  This year, rather than seek one business, we thought why not open it up to five different Local businesses, and then offer them great Local exposure as a big THANK YOU for helping out.

I mentioned this to my friend Frank at Pepe’s Cantina in Hannibal Square and he immediately hopped on board for Friday, April 26.  Just a little over a week until Cinco de Mayo, as I discussed with him, this is a perfect opportunity to gain more exposure for the great event they always host to mark that occasion, helping out with another great Local Art event in the process.

Have a business which would also like to get involved providing lunch for, yes, quite literally, some STARVING Artists?!  Get in touch.

I am making it a priority to ensure participating businesses not only get satisfaction of supporting such a great event, but will also get some pretty significant exposure for doing so!

Pepe's Winter Park is on tap for our Friday lunch with Winter Park Paint Out Artists!  Sign up for one of the other days this week!

Participating businesses will:

  1. Be featured in a post on the @ILUVWinterPark Instagram (presently 22.7K followers) account (shared to Twitter and Facebook pages / accounts with over 10K followers)
  2. Be featured in a post on the Facebook page for BOTH The Polasek Museum & The Winter Park Paint Out (approximately 6k total followers).
  3. Be included in a wrap up post on the event on ILUVWinterPark.com.
  4. Have the ability to put signage / menus in the gallery during the event for reference by event attendees.

Want to be one of our featured restaurants / caterers for this year’s event?

E-mail me at ILUVWinterPark@earthlink.net and let’s get you signed up!

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