Yes, Virgnia, There Will Be DELICIOUS Vegan Food At Taste of Winter Park

Taste of Winter Park isn’t just for meat eaters!

In fact, the newest plant-based restaurant in Winter Park, Proper & Wild, will be there, joining the event for the first time.

The chick pea fries! They are yummy.

Having seen a picture of a carrot & kale salad numerous times boosted on Facebook, the image was effective bait.  I recently ate at Proper & Wild and even a meat eater can fall in LUV with their yummy offerings.

But before I get into the food, let me say a bit about what they have done with this space. I’m more than a bit of a design enthusiast and boys & girls, these peeps delight the eyes as well as stomachs!

I have now seen many iterations of this location, remember quite a few very easily.  From NOPA (Not On Park Avenue) to Daya to La Merce, this space has gone through varying degrees of a rework. But never has it looked so inviting!  The interior could truly not be more NOW, from the individual design elements to the way you feel once you are there among them.

It is light and well lit from natural light.  The colors are soothing, beautiful.  The space is open, with four distinct areas for sitting, from the bar itself, to high tables to the dining room, in addition to the sidewalk tables outside.  The tile behind bar is of the look and feel you will now find in higher end homes all around our area, their kitchens or laundry rooms, entry areas.  Comprehensively, it is beautiful and natural in simple, effortless ways. It is deliciousness for your eyes, soothing for your mood.

It is perfect.

So, no surprise, such an environment quite literally leads to lofty foodie expectations.  And at Proper & Wild, it then deliciously delivers there, as well.

Before showing up for lunch, I’d spoken with others at neighboring businesses and gotten suggestions of what to order.  As will happen, once I glanced at the menu and spoke with my server, all that got derailed.

Not just any panini! See what I did there? 🙂 Or, I tried.

A bit of a French fry addict, I was immediately intrigued by the “chick pea fries’”  So, they were sort of a given from the start.  While several salads and both “burgers” tempted, I settled on the panini, which seemed the perfect accompaniment to the chick pea fries.

I also tend to be much too much of a soda drinker and am TRYING to at least lessen that.  It is perhaps my one true addiction.  But served water immediately, I went with it and this glass of super cold, crisp water was the perfect complement to the food.  Not to self, yes, this can happen.

Not sure what I expected with the chick pea fries, but they were absolutely yummy.  The cilantro sauce which comes with them was an ideal complement.  A fan of other chick pea dishes like hummus, probably not surprising I found them to be so tasty.

The panini is listed with the following ingredients: aji schmear, spiced chutney, avocado, crispy oyster mushrooms add gouda, chevre, burrata, or cashew cheese. I’m no cook, so it’s actually surprising when I take note of ingredients, most of the time. I’m pretty simple. Tom Cruise got Renee Zellwegger at hello and most restaurants get me just as easily. Most often all that is needed a yummy sounding title, WHAT it is in the end product. And this as a panini was what I want in a panini . . . the bread was cripsy and delicious, the ingredients within — whatever they were — super tasty and interesting. And, yes, flattened!

Yes, sometimes when eating vegan you either forget there is no meat in the dish, or that you may have even thought you wanted (needed) it. Both my dishes were delicious and had I not specifically known I was going to a plant-based restaurant, I likely would have never given any of it a second thought.

Bottom line: It was DELICIOUS, no matter what kind of restaurant I was now visiting.

So, big 5 LUVs from this protein LUVer for this new vegan spot on Morse Boulevard!

I look forward to tasting what they are offering tomorrow night at Taste of Winter Park, along with all the other amazing Local participating restaurants.

Tickets and info to Taste of Winter Park available at:

And if you are interested in checking out Proper & Wild at their space on Morse Boulevard, I understand you can receive 10% off if you check in via Facebook.

Cheers to great Local foodie establishments . . . . an ever growing list! Thank you, Proper & Wild, for a super yummy lunch!

See you at Taste of Winter Park!

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